Kit is an innovative range of accessories for your devices, play, lifestyle, and home. They are thoughtfully designed with quality and purpose in mind, so you can simply enjoy life.

Kit: Essential Accessories

Our range of essential mobile lifestyle products are functional, stylish, and reliable with the premium feel everyone looks for in their gadgets.

We thoughtfully created this selection of device and mobile accessories because we know that you need good reliable tech in your life.

  • Emergency Power
  • Device Chargers
  • Essential Cables
  • Device Holders
  • Connectivity Peripherals
  • Touch Screen Styluses


Lifestyle Brands Powered By Kit:

Kit also powers some great lifestyle products brands for your play, your health, and your home. There’s something for everybody in Kit’s range.

Elevate your play to a whole new level with our range of exciting remote controlled drones.

Track your body’s activity and monitor your health with Milestone’s connected health range.

with Sync Bulbs, you can instantly change the mood of your home with your smartphone.

Your Essential Kit

The absolute must have accessories you need at home, in the car, and at the office.