The Arcade Orbit drone is compact and loads of fun. It features four precision rotors, a sturdy hard body and flashing night lights so you can play into the night.

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Explore your skills

Never be restricted again as your drone soars through the air, as you can be completely confident that your drone will not escape you. Learn the different ways you can manipulate the gyro stabilisers, and amaze your friends with your daredevil antics. The more you see of the world, the more you will want to explore it, and your Arcade drone is the perfect way to do this.

Great for indoor flight

The Orbit is small and lightweight and great for flight indoors as well as outdoors. Fly from room to room with confidence that the Orbit’s small but tough body can handle bumps and falls. Because the four rotors are housed inside the body frame, you can fly safely too.

Flight into the night

The perfect excuse to explore the world from above, the Orbit has no limits. The green, red and blue LED lights built into the drone means that when the sun goes down, your drone doesn’t have to stop! Watch the fantastic light displays that you can create through your flips and rolls, and take camera footage of the world at night.

Tech Specs

Model Name
Full RRP
170x170x61mm (LxWxH)
Operational Distance
80-100 Metres
Flying Time
7 Minutes
Charge Time
60 Minutes
Controller Batteries
4 x AA (not included)
Drone Battery
Li-Poly (installed)
Battery Capacity
On-Board Camera
Camera Resolution
LED Light Display
Green, red and blue
Accessories Included
Spare propellers / USB Charge Cable

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