The Pico drone is our new and extremely tiny quadcopter, although its size is unbelievably small this micro drone is mighty powerful.

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Ultra portable

The clever way that the mini drone can be stored in its own controller means that you never have to worry about losing it and the simple controls allow anyone to start flying in moments! To increase its portability the toggle sticks are fully removable and can be conveniently stored in the controller, you don't have to worry about them snapping off or getting damaged as you travel.

Radical flips and rolls

Unleash your creativity with the radical flips and rolls that you can perform with the Pico Drone. Learn the different ways you can manipulate the gyro stabilisers, and amaze your friends with your daredevil antics.

3 Speed Modes

This quad copter has three independent speed modes ranging from beginner to expert mode to test your flying skills.


The gyro-stablisers keep the drone up-right, it can even be launched directory from the palm of your hand or will even automatically recover from a light throw.

Headless Mode

The inbuilt headless mode allows the drone to automatically calculate its orientation so that you don't have to, the controls will remain in the same direction regardless of which way the drone is facing.

8 bright LEDs

The mini drone incorporates 8 bright LEDs for awesome night flying. The LEDs are individually coloured to help you easily spot the drone and to tell its orientation even in the dark.

Hand-throw launch

The tiny Arcade Pico drone canbe launched directory from the palm of your hand or will even automaticallyrecover from a light throw using the internal 6-axis gyro sensors.

Auto-return to home

We have incorporated the ability for the drone to returndirectly to you with the one button return mode. This function will cause thequadcopter to automatically begin flying backwards with no further controllerinput required.

Tech Specs

Model Name
Full RRP
170x170x61mm (LxWxH)
Operational Distance
40 Metres
Flying Time
5-6 Minutes
Charge Time
30 Minutes
Controller Batteries
2 x AAA (not included)
Drone Battery
Li-Poly (installed)
Battery Capacity
On-Board Camera
Camera Resolution
LED Light Display
Green, red and blue
Accessories Included
Spare propellers / USB Charge Cable