Milestone is all about connected health products that fit into your lifestyle and track your key statistics while you focus on looking after your health and enjoying life.

Gravitate: Activity Tracker

Imagine a lightweight wrist band that you wear all day or all night and records all your motion activity data in a smartphone app. That’s what the Gravitate activity tracker is and it is your route to better health and better training data.

It comes in 3 exciting colours and 3 wrist sizes, so it is suitable for anybody who wishes to track their working day, exercise regime, or sleep cycles to improve their health.

RRP: £59.99


Altitude: Activity Tracker

The Altitude activity tracking wrist band also connects to our Milestone HQ app and records all your daily and nighttime activity. This model has an adjustable wrist strap and removable LED pod so you can use it in a variety of other ways.

Whether you are interested in your activity during your working day, your key statistics during your exercise regime, or how well you are sleeping at night, the Altitude is there quietly working in the background.

RRP: £39.99

  • Track Achievements
  • Monitor Your Sleep
  • Wear It Everywhere
  • Ultra Compatible
  • Free Mobile App

Health Monitoring

To maintain a healthy mind and body, you need to know your key statistics. That’s what our health monitoring accessories give you the ability to do.

Anatomy: Bluetooth Health Scales

Designed to make you more aware of your general health, these scales not only measure your overall weight, but they use BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology to measure your body fat, hydration, muscle and bone percentage too.

Connecting to a smartphone app, you can track changes in your key statistics and use this information to gain real insight into you overall health.

RRP: £59.99


Tempo: Heart Rate Monitor

Together with a third party app, the Kit Tempo heart rate monitor turns your smartphone into a mobile training device, making it the ideal wearable technology accessory for runners, cyclists and other fitness enthusiasts. Delivering accurate real-time heart rate data, the Tempo connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and is compatible with most fitness and sports apps.

RRP: £38.99