Premium Power Bank 6,000mAh


RRP: £29.99

Long standby time allows you to keep it handy for emergencies|LED status indicator shows battery level in Power Bank|Variety of connectors supplied|USB output for use with other charging cables|High capacity and rapid charging of your device

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Product Description

The Power Bank charges your smartphone wherever you are. Perfect for keeping with you at all times.

Charging the Power Bank<br>
1.Using the provided USB cable and micro-USB connector, connect the power bank to a suitable USB mains charger, in-car charger, PC or Mac<br>
2.The LED status indicator will increase from 00 (no charge) to 99 (full charge)<br>
3. Remove the charging cable when finished

Using the Power Bank<br>
-Press (don’t hold) the Power Button to display remaining power level<br>
-Connect your device’s USB cable to your device and the Output port of the Power Bank <br>
-Alternatively, use the supplied USB cable with the micro USB, mini USB or Apple 30-pin connector, to connect your device to the Output port of the Power Bank<br>
-The Power Bank will automatically start charging your device<br>
-The LED status indicator will decrease from 99 to 00 when in use to display the remaining battery power level

-Capactity: 6000 mAh<br>
-Output: 1 A<br>
-Input/Output voltage: 5 B<br>
-Battery type: rechargeable Li-ion<br>
-Charging time: up to 8 hours<br>
-Standby time: up to 1 year<br>