Precision Stylus


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Ultra-fine tip for greater accuracy and precision|Great for drawing, sketching, note-taking and image-editing apps|Compatible with most touchscreen smartphones and tablets|Soft rubber grip and balanced feel for comfort|Stylish metal finish, protective cap and removable tip show quality

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Product Description

The Kit Precision Stylus adds incredible accuracy when used on a touchscreen stylus or tablet.

Designed to be used with most capacitive touchscreen smartphones and tablets without needing any additional software. The stylus can be used when drawing, making notes, editing photos, navigating your device or playing games. In fact, anything done with your finger can be done as well , if not better, with the stylus.

The ultra-fine tip allows a greater accuracy than is possible with your finger. This is essential for drawing, sketching and image editing apps for example, allowing you to create more detailed images or edit photos more precisely. It also means making notes and drawing is a much more natural experience, as it simulates the feel of using a standard pen or pencil. The flexible tip allows a full range of angles for greater comfort and to allow for different drawing/writing styles. The stylus’ soft rubber grip makes it really comfortable to hold and a balanced weight enhances the feel.

The stylish metal finish gives the appearance of quality, whilst the protective cap and removable tip not only protect the stylus, but show the attention to detail that has been given to the Kit Precision Stylus.